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family planning 2.0- question bank & answer

Family planning-question bank and answer 1.  World population growth rate in 2022 is: a. 0.83%           b. 1% c.1.5%           d. 1.35% 2. In 2022, the following country has the highest population growth rate: a. America       b. Japan c. India             d. China 3. Population growth rate of Nepal in 2078 is: a.1%            b. 0.93% c. 1.5%        d. 0.5% 4. Family planning is important for: a. To make the family happy b. Better mental health c. Better child health d. Above all 5. What is the target couple? a. Married couple of 15-49 years b. Couple having two children c. Couple having 2-3 alive children d. Currently married couple 6. Eligible couple means: a. 15-45 yrs. of age with a married couple b. Married couple with age 20-40 years c. 15-45 yrs. unmarried couple d. 15-40 yrs. married couple  7. Non-contraceptive advantages of combined pills are referred to: a. Prevention of ectopic pregnancy b. Iron deficiency anaemia c. Protection of dysmenorrhoea d. Protection against benig
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how to stop overthinking-negative thoughts at home by easily

How to Stop overthinking-negative thoughts at home    Nowadays Negative thoughts, overthinking, depression, anxiety, and stress are arising in many people due to various reasons such as domestic problems, financial weakness, environmental pollution, and increased levels of carbon dioxide in our bodies which can be treated with yoga and Ayurveda can be done. I have described the natural cure for this problem The treatment that many people have adopted   Yoga and Pranayama 1. Bhastrika -- 10 minutes in the morning, afternoon, and evening In Vastrika we have to take a deep breath which causes the carbon dioxide in our body to go out and oxygen takes its place, and the amount of oxygen in our body increases and the negative thoughts [negative thought] decrease. It is also called deep breathing. It plays an important role to reduce overthinking and negative thoughts. 2. Exhale ----- In this action, we have to inhale and exhale as long as we can. No thoughts come to mi

exam view update on latest Medical procuder method 4 u

                                                 1. Pallor ---- Pallor means looks pale or fades from the normal color of skin. Pallors occur in: a. Shock, syncope b. Left heart failure c. Hypopituitarism d. severe anemia Site  of  examination  of  pallor -Lower palpebral conjuntiva -Nail beds -Palmer crease --Mucous membrane of the lips, cheeks 2. Cyanosis---   When skin and mucous membrane change into bluish color, it is called cyanosis. It occurs when the oxygen level in the blood is decreased. TYPES a. Central cyanosis---  It results from imperfect oxygenation of blood as a result of heart failure, lung disease, and right to left shunt in the heart. --Cynosure extremities are warm. --Cyanosis is seen in extremities as well as the tongue. b. Peripheral cyanosis- ---It results from an excessive reduction of oxyhemoglobin in the capillaries when the blood flow appears. It occurs in: →Exposure to cold →Heart failure           .   Coldness o